Google Ads Account Structure

A Google AdWords account is sorted into campaigns then ad groups. Ad groups contain a bunch of keywords and ads associated with those keywords. you'll write ads for Google’s Search Network or display Network, looking on the goal of your ads, wherever you would like them to indicate and whether or not you would like to include image, videos, animations or alternative options. Before you find out about the various forms of AdWords ads, you need to understand the way to section your campaigns.

PPC Account Structure

What is PPC ?

If you're putting in place an AdWords account, follow the steps below.

In this section, you'll find out about the various forms of ads and ranging user intents that may dictate however you'll section your AdWords campaigns.
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PPC Management Best Practices for Segmenting Your Google AdWords Campaigns

  1. Google Search Network: On this network, your text-only ads can show once somebody uses Google search, and additionally includes Google looking, Maps, pictures and teams. they'll additionally seem on Google search partner sites (AOL, ASK, CNN, etc.). Your ads can seem on the top and right-hand side of the search engine results page. you'll wish to separate your Search Network campaigns from your display Network campaigns.
  2. Google display Network: On this network, you have got the flexibility to create ads with pictures, animations and video that may seem on different websites, videos and applications. you'll wish to possess separate display Network campaigns and Search Network campaigns.
  3. Google Remarketing: A feature on the display Network, remarketing permits you to focus on folks that have previously visited your website with relevant, targeted ads as they browse the net.
  4. YouTube Advertising: On the display Network, you have got the choice to advertise on YouTube with any sort of ad – image, video and text. you'll additionally target specific placements (categories) on YouTube, like Food & Drink or Technology.
  1. Location Targeting: There are many choices for targeting specific locations at intervals your AdWords account. you'll utilize radius targeting, location extensions and bulk location targeting.
  2. Device Targeting: Target your ads to specific forms of devices, like desktops or laptops, mobile devices and/or tablets. you'll find out how and once to use device targeting looking on the nature of your distinctive business.
  3. Google AdWords Campaigns: Before you'll begin writing ads and managing your PPC account, you need to be acquainted with the way to produce campaigns and apprehend the bounds on campaigns. you'll learn the way to form a campaign, the naming structures we tend to use, how to target, bid and more.
  4. Google AdWords Ad Groups: Ad groups are what compose campaigns. you would like to understand the bounds on ad groups, the way to create ad groups, the way to name them and when to form new ad groups.

Now that you just perceive the Google AdWords Account Structure, you'll learn the way to decide on the correct network for your ad campaigns.

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