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A landing page is a web content that's displayed once clicking on your ad. it's identical page entered into your destination url once you are making an ad in Adwords. a decent landing page will be relevant to the keyword and ad copy from your campaign.

Landing pages are a key component of your Adwords ad campaigns. once somebody clicks on your ad as a result of they felt you had the product or service they were trying to find, it’s vital that the landing page clearly contains this product or service. If your ad doesn't match the content on your landing page, it's possible that you simply can have a lower conversion rate.

Landing Pages & Conversion Rates are Tightly Interlinked For A Successful PPC Campaign

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Having the same theme and connecting your landing page to your ad text is vital to each Google and to your potential customers. it's conjointly vital to optimize your landing pages with identical keyword(s) that you simply are bidding on. once you’re building out your Google AdWords campaigns, make certain you retain your website’s content in mind, and take into account making new landing pages that are more relevant to your keywords and ads if necessary.
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PPC ManagementAdwords Landing Pages : Best Practices

  1. Landing Page Basics: As mentioned above, it's imperative that you simply embrace relevant keywords on your landing page that correspond to keywords you’re bidding on. make certain the content is original and clear, which your page(s) is/are simple to navigate.
  2. Creating Relevant/Targeted Landing Pages: Your landing page(s) ought to be as closely coupled to the content/subject of the keywords you’re bidding on. they must contain your main keywords and be relevant to a user’s search question.
  3. Landing Pages & Quality Score: Your landing pages have an on the spot impact on your Quality Score, that is Google’s estimation of however relevant your ads, keywords and landing page are to somebody viewing your ad. you may learn the way to make a cohesive campaign with relevant landing pages that improves your Quality Score.
  4. Landing Page Load Times: The time it takes for your landing page to load will mean the distinction between a conversion and somebody leaving your website. Landing page load time conjointly impacts Quality Score, and will ne'er exceed five seconds.
  1. Privacy Policy: in keeping with Google AdWords Terms of Service, if you’re assembling any personal info, you would like to produce a link to your privacy policy from your landing page.

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