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Are you wanting to optimize your web site speed, decrease the load time of web pages and improve the user experience? we can assist you create your web site open up quicker by optimizing your hypertext markup language code, CSS scripts and lots of alternative factors that have an effect on the performance of your web site on the net. we optimized our company web site,, and inflated the common speed by five times. Contact us now by email or call us now.

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More significantly, Google recently declared that the load time of your web site is also a ranking issue for your web site. The more quicker your web site loads the higher rankings it should accomplish on google search engine. Hence, it's become imperative that you just make full efforts to extend your web site speed. The speed of the web page determines how fast your website visitor access the content on your web site. we researched varied factors on web and came out with a number of the simplest ways that may increase your web site speed considerably.

Ways We Increase Your Website Speed

ROI ImprovementUse a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

If you have got ton of traffic or lot of media content like videos, audios, podcast etc, then you actually need to use CDN like Akami, Amazon cloudfront, Limelight. we'll assist you in setting it up. For startups with tiny traffic, you do not haven't to stress regarding it in the slightest degree.

Ad CopyRightCompressing your documents, scripts and stylesheets

We use gzip tool to compress your documents that helps in loading the page quicker. Gzip is one among the foremost fashionable and effective pressing technique. you'll be able to browse more regarding it here.

ppc ad copyrightReduce HTTP Requests

Image maps, CSS Sprites, combining files, inline pictures are few of the techniques that we'll use to reduce HTTP request on your server once somebody visits your web site.

ppc ad copyrightCode clean up

We will take away all the unneeded characters, white areas, unused scripts, duplicate scripts etc to scale back the page size and therefore improve the page load time.

ppc ad copyrightCacheable Ajax

What If your web site used Ajax, we want to make sure it's optimized properly. the simplest way to improve the performance of Ajax is to create the responses cacheable.

Effective PPC Management

ppc management How Long Will It Take To Optimize Your Website For Speed ?

Usually, it takes up to twenty hours to optimize a web site with about twenty five files. there's no fixed charge for this service. each web site could be a custom job for us and that we will provide you with an calculable quote solely after observing your web site. Please send us your web site details by clicking on get a quote button and filling out the fourm.

Available PPC Management Services

Below you’ll notice a list of the additional common paid marketing services we offer. If you’re confused regarding what would work best for your business, we will advise on which platforms have shown the most effective ROI metrics among your specific business. for many businesses, the most effective results are created by employing a combination of varied online advertising strategies.

Google Ads Management Services

Google Adwords

Ad PPC advertising delivers instant traffic by inserting you at high positions on search engines. With Google accounting for common fraction of all us searches, AdWords remains the foremost effective PPC advertising vehicle. It not only places your website in outstanding view of searchers, but AdWords enrollment additionally provides you with the flexibility to check keywords, complementing your existing SEO methods.

Bing Ads Management Services

Bing Advertising

Ad If 100% of the web doesn’t search solely on Google, why should your advertising campaign be restricted to it? Bing includes a 2 hundredth market share of searches performed within the united states. PushFire will get you started exploitation Bing PPC services, or overhaul your current campaign. With ad creation, optimization, and management services, we will assist you get the foremost out of your search advertising on Bing.

Facebook Ads Management Services

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising presents an ideal complement to any search promoting campaign. With 1.01 billion daily active users and 894 million mobile daily active users, Facebook is the premier social media platform. It features a strong advertising platform that can facilitate unfold your message to a large swath of individuals.

Remarketing PPC


PushFire offers complete retargeting services, together with campaign development and management services. Our experience ensures that companies pay their ad dollars on the users possibly to convert, instead of throwing mud at the wall and hoping it sticks. Remarketing is a useful marketing technique to get quality leads for Businesses.

Shopping Ads Management

Shopping Ads Management

Both Google and Bing provide shopping ads to permit you to showcase individual merchandise directly within the search results. shopping ads appear on top of organic listings for nearly all terms targeted around business merchandise and even sometimes seem on top of standard paid search ads. The share of search engine result pages displaying looking ads over doubled throughout 2014 from seven-membered to 16 pf of all search results.

PPC Audit

PPC Audits

At PushFire, we provide a PPC audit as a service to clients who aren’t essentially wanting to change PPC providers, or giving up of managing the accounts themselves – they're merely trying to find ways to boost and hone their efforts. our greatest PPC managers can comb through your account and provides you the exact same recommendation we'd use if your account was our account.

PPC Management Services

PPC ManagementWhy are Web Page Speed Optimization Services Important ?

Simple! It’s not solely what your website visitors need — it’s what Google needs. There’s a association between page speed and SEO, and it’s specifically why your pages have to be compelled to load quickly.

Google’s main job is to supply users with search results that best work their queries. Not solely do search engines serve pages with content that most closely fits the user’s question, they additionally need to show websites that offer a good user expertise. And you guessed it — page speed is certainly a part of a good user expertise.

Other user experience factors embody things like readability and easy navigation.

Pages that load quickly appeal to website guests and facilitate to decrease bounce rate — another indicator to Google whether or not your site could be a sensible one.

When your website loads slowly, (takes longer than three seconds to completely load), users can become annoyed, and bounce from your web site to seek out one that has the knowledge they need more quickly.

If users systematically bounce from your website, Google can begin to require notice, and you may see a drop in search engine rankings. That’s because Google sees a correlation between high bounce rate and a foul user experience, so that they later on drop you within the rankings.

If users don’t continue your web site long enough to browse your content, Google concludes that it should not be a really sensible web site. very little do they (or your website visitors) recognize that you simply might have one in all the best websites with the simplest content out there, however your slow load time unbroken them from experiencing your web site.

This makes page speed even more crucial. Page speed will keep users from getting into your website within the initial place, which implies they won’t study your business, see your product and services, or browse your informative, helpful info. Most of all, they won’t convert.

Main Factors For Slow Website Speeds

Redundant HTML Code

One surefire way to make sure that your pages can load slowly is by having a sloppy hypertext mark-up language code on the backend of your website. HTML code is what tells your page a way to look once users read it on your web site. The code is formed of all forms of tags that tell the page a way to work and what to try and do.

Every page on your web site can have a page of code, and the larger and more advanced your web site is, the additional complicated your code will be. this is often where it becomes straightforward for your code to become disorderly and sloppy.

In order to stay your pages loading quickly, it’s vital to make sure that there aren't any additional tags, which everything is referenced properly. Otherwise, it'll take the server longer to browse the code — inflicting a slow-loading website.

Large & Un-optimized Graphics ( Images, Videos & animation )

Including graphics on your website is crucial to providing a good user experience. once you offer an entire page of knowledge, as an example, it’s vital to break up all that info with some pictures, graphics, or video to make sure that the reader doesn’t get bored.

However, all the bells and whistles that you simply will increase your website pages in terms of graphics and videos will weigh your site down and cause it to load slowly.

Huge, high-resolution photos are one in all the largest causes of slow-loading pages.

So however does one make sure that your website provides a good user expertise with graphics whereas keeping page load time fast? Optimize your graphics! Consider using a tool like to condense your image files so they’re not thus large. It won’t modification the visual size of the image however condense the file size so it doesn’t take as long to load on your web site.

Lot Of Redirects

Redirects are created once you need to interchange all links to associate recent webpage with references to a brand new one. The redirects are bits of code that are placed among your .htaccess go into the server, and you'll be able to produce as many as you would like once you replace recent pages on your website.

However, once you have loads of redirects on an equivalent page, your website takes the time to reference the .htaccess file to seek out out the new location of wherever the link is pointing. this is often primarily like loading links double on your page that ramps up page load time.

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